No. 10: Rad Name

How do you define a rad name?

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  1. Paul_Mar


    Loving the comic! It wasn’t until my second reading did I realize the goo skull was using his goo as emotive “hands”.

    The comic reminds me of Dungeon (which if you haven’t read please do) with the behind the scenes look at how a dungeon operates.


  2. Peter

    Thanks Paul! I’ve read one of the Dungeon books. Can’t remember which since there are so many. I really dig Trondheim and Sfar’s work.

    Sorry I forgot to tell you directly I was doing a webcomic! I figured of all people you’d be of the most happy to know :] glad you found it though.

  3. Paul_Mar

    Why Twitter is great!

    I can virtually stalk you

  4. Peter

    As long as I keep posting on Twitter, then yep! Careful the stalker doesn’t become the stalkee though dude!

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