No 80: You’re Cute

Grizzledude is in the process of being captured by the she devil…this skull is a magnet for trouble and friends.

Also, I’m hoping to print some Imaginary Monsters stickers this weekend for the Hearts and Crafts 2 show at Java’s. I made a pattern based off of the new website background (which also appears on the Imaginary Monsters Volume 1 books that I had printed and still haven’t posted about…) I have some serious catch up to do as far as sharing new stuff with everybody. Just know that, as always, good things are on the way.

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  1. Tigergulp

    She-devil would make an awesome tattoo

  2. yolm

    Yeah t’s back and it’s still great as ever!

  3. deanna

    That slug saying ‘dude’ is the coolest thing ever. I could see someone like me with a tattoo like that.

  4. Kim

    Oooh! I want stickers!! Grizzledude is adorable.

  5. Amy

    Yeah t’s back and it’s still great as ever!

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