Halloween Forever on Steam Greenlight

Totes the Votes

Halloween Forever is up on Steam Greenlight, collecting votes. If you haven’t already, check it out, cast your vote, and add a fun comment if you like!

Halloween Forever Comics Shaping Up

I have a bunch of penciled pages that are ready to be inked. If the stars align I might have the first page going up next week.

Shop on imaginarymonsters.com

Did you see the new addition of the Shop link in the website navigation up top? I’m trying out hosting my merch for sale here instead of on Etsy. One less web panel and cms-thing to log in and look at. Right now I’m still getting some old things up and listed. New stuff will go there once it appears into existence. For now, feel free to page through and look at some of the good old screen prints and tee shirts that are still cluttering up my attic!

Thanks for reading : ]