Catacombs 16: The Witch Travels On

With her spoils and injuries, the witch travels on. To be continued?

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Hey all. I’ve been on radio silence for a while but wanted to post an update. I started teaching myself some game development using Gamemaker and released my first full game demo for a game called Halloween Forever:

You can download the demo here:
To quote the game summary from the page,

Something mysterious is happening in the pumpkin patch this Halloween! You control Pumpkin Man, a humanoid pumpkin thing animated by occult forces on a quest to discover why things are so creepy. And you vomit candy corn.

You can try it out on Windows for now. It’s free but you’re welcome to donate some funds if you like.

If you like the game it WOULD RULE if you wanted to pass on the info to friends or post it around. Anything to help spread the word helps!
Pumpkin Man shouts at a necromancer in Halloween Forever
I’m planning on adding more levels and bosses to the game and doing some general improvements in the future, so I’ll post more news about it here as it progresses.

Also, it’s not new comics updates immediately but I’ve been using Instagram for some time now to post more regular updates on what’s going on in my creative projects. If you’re using Instagram, hit me up! When I’m able to work on some new comics stuff I’ll definitely be putting news up there first.

And who knows. Maybe a Grizzledude game could happen sometime too…

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Hey all, just letting you know that Catacombs wraps up this Friday with it’s final page. Also, I need to put in some serious overtime at work over the next few weeks, so new comics will be on hold until early April. I’m hoping to have a new minicomic together for MoCCA, so if I can pull that off I’ll share it here. Otherwise, we’ll see what comes next. Maybe some more Grizzledude Tales, or something completely new?

Enjoy the wintry weather in the meantime if you live in the northern hemisphere!

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A heads up to any new and returning readers. Starting after comic 150 I’m going to be changing up the format of the comic updates. I’m going to start doing full page comics vs. the gag-strip format that I have been using from the beginning. I’ve been thinking about Imaginary Monsters a lot during my long hiatus and things were getting a little cramped in those rectangular frames. It was a great constraint to help me get going, but I want to expand the storytelling possibilities by using a more open format.

Also, story arcs will be more chapter based vs. my old mode of open ended tales and trailing stories. This will make it easier for me to collect smaller editions of comics to bring to shows like MoCCA and other small press events. It also means that I’ll be taking a break from the standard Imaginary Monsters Grizzledude crew to try out some different characters and settings. Grizzledude and friends will still be around to star in their own comics, but there will be more variety for readers and for me to work with.

Beginning after comic 150 I’m going to publish a short comic I made in 2011 called Catacombs. Many of you have not seen it (I’ve only had it available at MoCCA, Comics and Graphics Fest, and a few other events for now). It’s a bit different from the usual comics fare here, but I hope you’ll enjoy what they have in common: cool, weird fantasy tales!

All in all, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it! I’m glad to be back.

Treasure Swipe cover art

For anybody that likes Grizzledude & crew and currently has an iOs device: Workinman just released our first iOs game called Treasure Swipe! I was lead artist on this project and we’re very proud of the game, so I hope will check it out! There’s a lot of cool/fun fantasy elements in common with this and my Imaginary Monsters comics, which I think you will enjoy.

The game takes place in an abandoned haunted castle filled with treasure and monsters. The player tries to steal as much treasure as possible while surviving wave after wave of monsters. If you can defeat the boss at wave 10 of level 1 you will unlock new areas of the castle to explore.

Treasure Swipe gameplay screen 1

I’m not going to lie to you, we made this a challenging game! But we did just release an update that will help new players get over any early game difficulty. If you’re a fan of fast paced action games or classic retro hardcore games you might enjoy Treasure Swipe.

The game features retina display support for any new iPad users out there too.

Check out our website for more info on the game:

Or head directly to the app store to purchase a copy:

Also follow @TreasureSwipe on twitter!

The game is $.99 and it’s a great deal! I hope you enjoy it!

Treasure Swipe gameplay screen 2

Everyone! I’ve been making illustrations for an independent board game called Zoneplex. The game itself is designed by Shelby Cinca and Kenny Jakobsson, and it features additional illustrations by Niklas Åkerblad. It would mean a lot to me if anybody that wished to support the project would do so. The game itself is set in an otherworldly science fiction setting (you can read more about it on the Kickstarter page: We have roughly 6 days remaining to raise an additional $3,000. Please enjoy this very descriptive quote from the Kickstarter to help peak your interest!

“Visually and thematically I wanted a game that didn’t feel like any of the other games out there. I tapped the growing sci-fi universe of my electronic-music persona, Triobelisk, and the long-standing work-in-progress sci-fi novel that I have been collaborating on with my friend Gabriel Baldessin. Influences such as space-opera imagery akin to the epic novels of Iain M. Banks, Frank Herbert’s Dune, Ancient Alien Theories and even Daft Punk came together. This was all thrown into a simmering cauldron with Alejandro Jodorowsky’s L’Incal and H.P. Lovecraft’s images of otherworldly abominations!”

Please support!