Buffalo Small Press Book Fair this Saturday

Heads up people! I’m going to be exhibiting with Mike Turzanski at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair this weekend.
Buffalo Small Press Book Fair 3/27/10
If you live near Buffalo, please stop by! Tell your friends too. The show is free to attend.

I’m going to have copies of the collected Imaginary Monsters comics Volume 1 (strips 1 through 50), Thelonious Mancat 16 page mini comics, Eat World, and some prints and posters too. I might be offering super discounts on screen printed posters too, so check that out!

I’m going to be giving an informal talk about writing and making comics, and self publishing options…

Comics: From Creation to Dissemination – Peter Lazarski – 1:00pm

Comic book artist Peter Lazarski walks comic enthusiasts through the creation of his own comics, the joys and hardships of self publishing, and hosts an impromptu forum for other comic artists to discuss their own creative process and endeavors.

The complete Buffalo Small Press Book Fair workshop schedule can be found here.

Mostly I’ll be hanging out and drawing for 45 minutes and talking about comic stuff, so bring your sketchbooks and come hang out with me!

See you on Saturday!

Also, I’m hoping to return to making webcomics in early April. I’ll keep you posted.