THE BEAST PAGEANT and other noteworthy things

Hi folks. New comics posts are going to be delayed a couple days this week since I’m wrestling with finishing up some Pathfinder illustrations, but in the mean time here are a couple of things you can scope out in lieu of new Imaginary Monsters comics.

My friends Albert Birney and Jon Moses have been working on a new independent film for a little while and they started a Kickstarter page to get them over their final production hurdles. Please check out the trailer (on the Kickstarter page) and contribute if you can. Support independent (awesome) films grown in Rochester!

Other people who like Imaginary Monsters comics (and I like them, too!)

One of the features of this version of WordPress is it keeps track of external websites linking to So, if somebody posts something about my work it’s really easy for me to find out! It’s awesome. I’m really grateful for people spreading the word about my work, let alone reading it, so I want to highlight some folks who have posted about my work and share some love and web traffic back at them. Starting with…

Dumm Comics
A collaborative webcomic site featuring the work of some stellar California cartoonists. This page is the home of Luke Luke Cormican and Katie Rice’s she-barbarian comic Skadi, which I admire! If you like the humorous fantasy elements in Imaginary Monsters you’ll most definitely enjoy Skadi.
+ Page 1 of Skadi on Dumm Comics

aidosaur is Yuko Ota, a girl I went to college with. I only actually met her briefly there but I was blown away by her drawing chops. Now I get to see her most times I go to comic shows and conventions in NYC. Her work is solid!!! If it’s o.k. with her I want to include her drawing of Lizard Wizard in the future Fan Art section I’m going to build.
+ – look towards the bottom for an awesome Lizard Wizard she drew!
+ Johnny Wander – her webcomic

I met Chris McD at MoCCA this Spring and gave him a handful of Imaginary Monsters stuff. Lo and behold, he did a post about some of it! Thanks Chris! I picked up the MEATHAUS GO FOR THE GOLD! 3 sketchbook and I love it. There’s some crazy stuff in there by Robert Ryan Cory, and awesome surprises like Chris McD’s “Hippy Sniffer”.
+ – featuring my favorite drawing from EAT WORLD
+ MEATHAUS store

Role Playing Public Radio
Role Playing Public Radio podcasts! I can’t wait to check these out at work tomorrow. They gave Imaginary Monsters a shout out along with Episode 44. I’ll definitely pass this along to our Sunday Gaming Gents group.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading and for passing the word along everyone! New comics should appear this week. For now I’m headed back to Photoshop to render some more monsters. Stay cool!