Imaginary Monsters upcoming schedule notes

Everybody! I just wanted to share some thoughts I’ve been having on my mostly patchy updating schedule. When I started doing this comic I was posting daily updates on weekdays. This started during a time when I had a lot of free time and a really flexible schedule. Since this spring, updates have been pretty sporadic and I’ve been hard pressed to meet my original goal of daily comics, so I think for now I’m going to scale back to three new strips per week. That slows the pace of things more than I’d like to as far as progressing the story along, but I feel like I can handle the slightly lighter load better instead of going for an ideal great goal and falling short. So instead of that, let’s see how fewer but more consistent updates goes for now.

I’m going to try and do Monday–Wednesday–Friday updates, so you can check back during the week to see new things or wait until the weekend for three new strips.

I guess I’ll see you on Friday!

ps – there have been a ton of new spam comments lately. Maybe it’s just that the page has been around for about a year and wordpress blogs are likely targets to these things. I’m trying to keep the place clean for everybody, but there’s a lot of junk floating into my filter. Yuck.