Dungeons and Dragons comic strip!

Hey guys…it’s been a while! I don’t have any new Imaginary Monsters comics yet, but I do have something new to share! I made a pair of webcomic strips for Dungeons and Dragons / Wizards of the Coast! Misfit Monsters!!!

(if you saw me muttering about a “secret project” on twitter weeks ago I was referring to this)

Please go check it out. It has a similar vibe to Imaginary Monsters but I got to work with some real D&D monsters! There is a second strip too that will probably be getting posted sometime as well. If you like it please post a comment and/or email Wizards of the Coast and let them know! I would really appreciate that. Maybe there could even be more Misfit Monsters strips in the future…

In other news, I’m getting married next weekend! It’s part of why I’ve been a little busy lately and comics have fallen by the wayside. After the honeymoon and other things resolving I should be able to post some new strips by the end of July, or hopefully sooner. Stay tuned, thanks for being patient, and stay cool! You are all the best.