Halloween Forever Dev Blog: Boss Parade


Halloween Forever Bosses are coming in strong!

Over the last week or so I’ve been spending most of my work time animating some larger enemies (be they level bosses or minibosses). Either way they’ve been coming together with some really fun results.

Spoilers below if you don’t want to preview boss content!

Let’s take a look at what is shaping up:

Big Blue Ogre

A big blue mean looking ogre! When he shouts he might barf out a projectile or send out a shockwave. Will need to sort out some effects for that. The red fireballs the devil boss fires may be cool too, red projectile against his mostly blue palette.


I like how his heavy stompy walk came out!


Flying Eyeball Popping Skull

This design and the green hydra below are some of my older ones. Made them during the first content phase of Halloween Forever before I released it on itch.io in September 2015 and I didn’t yet have a place for them in the game. Now though I think there will be room.


I finally have a use for these pink eyeball sprites I made way back then too. I’m thinking it will fire the eyes out of it’s sockets at Pumpkin Man. Still need to animate the optic nerve on the eyeballs flicking around some…

This is a combination of a few states for the eyeball bugging out / popping out sequence. Takes a little imagination to perceive it for now, but it will make more sense once I’m combining it all together in GameMaker.


Two Headed Hydra

This weird hydra thing wound up being the origin for the flying green heads in the Bloody Mansion and beyond. Now that the full boss is shaping up I’m going to try and include something that better relates the single heads and the hydra together.


Looking at his walk now it needs a little more vertical bounce to it, but I’m happy with it overall. 4 legged walk cycles are tricky!


The hydra is going to need a few more states too. Not shown is a projectile firing / spitting animation I made. I’m thinking she could use some alternates of these states with heads severed off…

I have some inkling of where these all could go in game, but for now it’s useful to see them exist and move. If I wind up with too many cool things (is that possible?) I can always pare things down a little. I’d rather include all the cool things though!

Hope you enjoyed checking out the updates! Check out Halloween Forever on Steam! store.steampowered.com/app/425650
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