Deathstate and Halloween Forever interviews

I’m not sure what happened, maybe a full moon or some ley line action taking place, but I wound up getting to participate in some nice articles and interviews recently. I hope you enjoy them! Links to everything below. – Indie Horror Games Have the Freedom to Get Really Weird
Max Weinstein reached out to Deathstate to be part of an article he was writing for the Fear and Loading column on ( I couldn’t be happier with the result! Matt Leffler and I both got to expound on the dark nature of Deathstate and talk about what creeps us out the most in the game.

The Night Keep Halloween Forever Interview
J. Daniel Edenfield and I spent a Sunday evening over Skype talking about Halloween Forever, making new retro indie games, and d.i.y. culture. Really enjoyed meeting Daniel and getting to chat for a bit!

Indie Luchador Vs. Workinman Interactive (Deathstate Interview)
Matt Leffler and I joined Eric Lee Lewis of Indie Luchador for a solid conversation about Deathstate. We shared some Freudian portal secrets…also I got to talk about Halloween Forever and where that is headed.

All in all it’s been a super fun couple weeks for media and getting to meet cool new people and see their projects too.

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